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Construction of a chisel platform
Repair of the ship equipment

One of the main activities of Northern Interindustry Company The Alternative Ltd is the selection and lease of qualified personnel of shipbuilding specialties organized in production teams for the execution of different kinds of works connected with offshore platforms and machinery for oil and gas field development of arctic shelf, shipbuilding, repair, modernizing and utilizing vessels of any type that are produced at the production spaces of customers shipyards in Russia and abroad.

Besides that, having its own production areas, equipment and other necessary conditions and authorization documents, the company can practice licensed kinds of activities, namely to construct and repair the items of armament and military equipment as well as carry out various projects on manufacturing equipment and metal constructions for different branches of industry.

Qualified staff of our company is ready to carry out the following works:

  • Hull construction works in ship-building and ship-repairing, different types of vessels modernization and conversion as well as construction of any other floating objects;
  • Construction, assembling, repair and testing pipelines as well as equipment and accessories of various hull systems;
  • Repair, assembling, fitting, centering and service of main and auxiliary mechanisms;
  • Centering a shaft line;
  • Tests of capacity;
  • Completion of vessels premises.
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